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Two new Metro stations are opened in Baku  

The opening ceremony of Baku Metro Purple Line - stations "Avtovokzal" and "Memar Ajemi-2", took place on April 19, 2016 in Baku with participation of the President Ilham Aliyev. 

The opening ceremony of Baku Metro Purple Line with participation of Azerbaijan Republic President Ilham Aliyev
The opening ceremony of Baku Metro Purple Line with participation of Azerbaijan Republic President Ilham Aliyev. (photo www.1news.az)

Construction of "Avtovokzal" metro station was launched in September 2009. According to the project, the station consists of a platform, 8 exits, ventilation passage and two pyramids installed in the lobbies. Total length of the station complex is nearly 560 meters. Length of the new line stations platforms is 144 meters. It gives a possibility for seven cars train to enter the platform and not for five cars train as it was before. 20 escalators of different heights operate at the stations and passages, and 8 travelators are installed at the exits. There are elevators for people with disabilities. 

Avtovokzal station
Avtovokzal station (photo www.1news.az) 

Avtovokzal station
Avtovokzal station (photo www.1news.az)

Total length of Memar Ajemi-2 station is 168,5 m. It has 3 exits. 17 escalators and elevators for people with disabilities are installed at the station of almost 12 thousand square meters and at the exits. 

Memar Ajemi-2 station
Memar Ajemi-2 station ( www.1news.az) 

Equipment produced by Pluton provides reliable power supply for the new section of traction network of metro Purple line. This equipment corresponds to modern standards in quality, reliability, personnel life and health safety, environmental protection and equipment operation as a whole, in particular, GOST 22789-94 "Interstate standard. Low-voltage devices. General technical requirements and test methods" and IEC 61439-1: Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies - Part 1: General rules, as well as a number of other international standards.

This project included supply of six "turnkey" substations: two traction substations (TSS), two lighting and power substations (LPS) and two ventilation substations (VSS). 

Company SYSTRA (France) was the General designer of the project. Pluton specialists developed detailed design of power supply system, installation, adjustment works, as well as power supply facilities commissioning.  

The scope of supply for six substations included full range of Pluton equipment for metro, as well as the other equipment, included in the set of supply: 
  • Medium voltage switchgear RUE-35 kV;
  • Rectifiers V-PED-2,5k-825-12P together with converter transformers RESIBLOC; 
  • DC switchgears RU-825, RU-825Sh; 
  • Switchgears RU-0,4k, RU-0,23k, RU-0,4/0,23k; 
  • DC boards ShPT-220; 
  • Cabinets with meters ShS; 
  • Charging-rectifying devices VTEU1-100/230 and UBP-220/60-5;  
  • SCADA system that provides control of substation electrical equipment, including ventilation substation equipment remote control at a distance of over 2 km. The system includes substation duty operator workstation with developed specialized software, SCADA cabinet with controllers and communication means. Equipment and basic software of leading world companies was used during development of SCADA system; 
  • Voltage inverter cabinets ShIN; 
  • Power factor correction units UKRM; 
  • Capacitors UK; 
  • Output terminals cabinets ShVK; 
  • Accumulator batteries; 
  • Auxiliaries transformers; 
  • Cabinets with accumulator batteries ShAKB; 
  • Operating current cabinets ShOT1-380-25-230; 
  • Power cabinet ShSKTZ; 
  • Ventilation control cabinets ShUVA, ShUVKTZ; 
  • Distribution cabinets PR; 
  • Current relay modules BRT; 
  • Section boxes PYa; 
  • Switchgears for tunnels: RU-825LR, RU-825PK, RU-825LK.

Lighting and power substation (LPS) Avtovokzal station
Lighting and power substation (LPS) Avtovokzal station 

Substations equipment has high electrical and operational characteristics confirmed by type test protocols of IPH Institut (Berlin, Germany). Applied components have high mechanical and electrical reliability, ensure long service life (over 30 years) and do not require often periodic maintenance (once per 10 years).  

Switchgears RU-825
Switchgears RU-825

Rectifier, series V-TPED and Negative busbar switchgear RU-825Sh
Rectifier, series V-TPED and Negative busbar switchgear RU-825Sh 

Switchgear RU-0,4k (left) and Capacitors U (right)
Switchgear RU-0,4k (left) and Capacitors U (right) 

Switchgear RU-825 LR 
Switchgear RU-825 LR

Substations are unique, because they are equipped with modern automation and remote control means providing control, monitoring and protection of substations equipment. 

Lighting and power substations are equipped with modern SCADA cabinets SHTM with backup controllers that support data transfer protocol IEC 6070-5-104 Network access for IEC 60870-5-101 using standard transport profiles, as well as programming standard PLC IEC 61131-3:2013 Programmable controllers - Part 3: Programming languages. Controllers interconnect equipment of all the six substations, collect and transmit remote control (RC), remote metering (RM) and remote signaling (RS) signals from all substations and transmit them to the upper level. It is possible to control equipment with laptop, PC or other device by connecting to SCADA cabinet by external interface via Ethernet. 

In the nearest future Purple line substations remote control will be possible from Power operator room (POR), which currently provides operator control, data collection and power supply visualization of the main part of Red and Green metro lines substations. . 

Power operator room
Power operator room

Power operator room is also a unique project of Pluton, which included development of automation system architecture, design, supply of software and hardware, as well as development of solutions for POR design and ergonomics. Power operator room is equipped with multifunctional video wall displaying condition of Baku metro substations electrical equipment. 

Development of Baku Metro

Conceptual development of Baku Metro covers step-by-step expansion of existing infrastructure and creation of large underground transport network until 2030. 

Pluton congratulates Baku Metro with opening of the new line. We wish you successful development and opening of new stations!
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