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Rolling Mill Run-Out Table Automated Control System

During general modernization of thin sheet hot rolling continuous mill 1680, one of the main mills of JSC "Zaporozhstal", modernization of run-out table electric drives was made and automated process control system of rolled bar transportation from the last finishing mill to winding machines, coiling machines and flying shears was created.

Rolling Mill COILBOX Intermediate Backwind Device Automated Control System

Coilbox technology is an intermediate process, aiming at roll winding at a high speed at the outlet from roughing mill group with further material uncoiling at a lower speed and its transfer to finishing mill group.

Lift and turn rolling table control system

Lift and turn table (hereinafter LTT) is installed in thin sheet hot rolling mill production line. LTT modernization included replacement of turning mechanism and greasing system.

Control system of capacitor bank for power transformers test station

Capacitor bank control and monitoring system is provided to control power electrical equipment, switching capacitor units during transformers and transformer equipment thermal testing.

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