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Presentation About Company

PrJSC Pluton
5 Novostroyek st.
69076 Ukraine

Tel / fax:

+380 61 239-7900 
+380 61 239-7901

E-mail: info@pluton.ua

Blowers and Pumps

Two types of control systems for blower and pump installations in a wide power and operation conditions range are developed and introduced into production. Depending on object requirements, frequency converters or softstarters of asynchronous electric motors are applied in control systems.

Lift-and-Carry Mechanisms

Control system of unloading complex is provided for control of unloading process (humping and tilting) of eight-wheel gondola wagons of MCL park with carrying capacity 65 ... 93 tons, and for control of unloaded material crushing process (mainly coal or coke ).

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